A complete honour and privilege to design a mural for Hotel Figueroa in Downtown, LA.
The hotel first opened in 1926 by the YWCA as an exclusive women's hosteleria. Embracing it's colonial past and love of art, the major renovation project beautifully embodies the spirit, style and character the hotel was first built on.

Using a small palette my design is reminiscent of the hotel’s Spanish heritage, tiling and floral fabrics and wraps across the 12-storey poolside façade. The mural was hand painted by the very talented guys at Walldogs. The hotel re-opened Spring 2018.

I worked alongside the wonderfully creative interior design team Studio Collective and art buyers Tiffany Lendrum Fine arts.

Hotel Figueroa Mural, LA  // Bella Gomez
Hotel Figueroa Mural, LA  // Bella Gomez